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Preconomics® is a research project by „thinking in reserve“ and explores tomorrow’s economy. With the means of scientific futurology, we are developing practical methods to capture prospective change analytically already today and to evaluate it economically.

Futurology is a result of military and technical strategic planning. It emerged as a reaction on prognoses which cannot be applied to instable and volatile environments.

Its goal:

To identify tools, in order to avoid being obliged to predicting the future with knowledge and perception which is captured in the status quo. On the contrary, we want to forestall the presence logically, which means in a way to mentally control it, so that coming things can be reconstructed from the future when looking back, instead.

This website illustrates some of these thinking tools. We apply to them for purposes of economic assessment of novelty (innovation management, organizational development) entrepreneurially. We present perception and complexity models, describe polyvalent logic and give examples, where and how applied futurology can be observed concretely – where its results become visible (architecture, Californian economy, corporate development etc.)